RPSC Society Press Releases

Press Releases
December 2018
> RPSC welcomes Stéphane Cloutier to board of directors English PDF | French PDF

> RPSC welcomes Robert Carswell to board of directors English PDF | French PDF

October 2018
> RPSC Appoints New Editor for The Canadian Philatelist English PDF | French PDF

March 2018
> RPSC Appoints New International Liaison Officer English PDF | French PDF

September 2017
> RPSC to Revise its Strategic Plan, says New President English PDF | French PDF

June 2016
> Geldert Medal for 2015 awarded to David Piercey, FRPSC: English PDF | French PDF

January 2014
> Geldert Medal for 2013 awarded to Ed Kroft, QC: English PDF | French PDF

April 2013
> The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada Appoints New Executive Manager

January 2013
> Geldert Medal for 2012 awarded to Richard Gratton

August 2012
> RPSC Fellows elect three new members

March 2012
> The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada announces that its new website is up and running
> Geldert Medal for 2011 awarded to Lane Robson

June 2011
> RPSC names four new Fellows
> RPSC renews a past practice of the Society

April 2011
> Geldert medal goes to Nino Chiovelli
July 2010
> RPSC names three new Fellows – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II signs Fellows book
April 2010
> Geldert medal goes to Bill Pekonen
July 2009
> RPSC names four new 'Royal' Fellows
March 2009
> Dale Speirs garners the Geldert Medal for 2008
February 2008
> RPSC names six new 'Royal' Fellows
> Ken Lewis is Geldert Medal winner for 2007
December 2007
> RPSC elected new executive at ROYAL 2007
January 2007
> Charles J.G. Verge named Geldert Winner for 2006


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