Updated: Mar 5/12

Press Release
The Royal Philatelic Society announces that its new website is up and running

From October to December 2011, a tremendous amount of effort was undertaken by webmaster Robin Harris, to re-design The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada’s website. The previous design had been in place for over 10 years and it was time to give the site a new “look and feel”.

General changes throughout the site include:

  • a new banner across the top of every page
  • a larger text in the menu options
  • a stronger emphasis of page topics
  • an improved handling of upcoming stamp shows
  • the next five upcoming stamp shows displayed on the home page
  • a wider screen layout to take advantage of today’s technology

New features for “members only” include:

  • a “quicker” login process (direct from home page)
  • the viewing of all issues of The Canadian Philatelist, including the last five years
  • the “Member’s link” page is now based on user-provided information as maintained by individual members in their Member’s profile screen
  • an improved e-mail notification
  • a “quicker” renewal process

A new look-and-feel to the site is the first notable change. Next would likely be the larger text and the button links. Not to be missed is the quicker log in and quicker/streamlined renewal process for members.
Members can now view all of the past issues of The Canadian Philatelist, including the last five years.

Virtually every page on the site has a new look-and-feel, starting with a new banner along the top of each page. The enlarged stamp-like button links will popup as you mouseover each one.

Various pages have enlarged menu buttons running down the left side of the page. Specific sections on each page are now better emphasized inside shaded boxes with coloured title bars.

Please visit www.rpsc.org and view for yourself the exciting new changes that have been added or revised. For more information on the new website, please refer to an article in the March/April issue of The Canadian Philatelist written by Robin Harris, outlining all the changes with views of comparisons of the old website with the new. For more information, contact Margaret Schulzke, Executive Assistant, at the National Office of The RPSC at: info@rpsc.org or 416-921-2077 or 1-888-285-4143.

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