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Updated: Dec 20/22
With your membership, you receive the benefits and services listed below.

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vol72no2.jpg Founded in 1950, The Canadian Philatelist is the Official Journal of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. Members receive six issues yearly as a part of their members dues (four are print; two are distributed as a downloadable PDF only). Each issue of The Canadian Philatelist contains compelling philatelic articles, business and news of The RPSC, philatelic news, auction and events calendars, meeting notices and Society reports.

The Canadian Philatelist is available separately.

Some back issues are available through the National Office, as well as advertising space. For more information, check out The Canadian Philatelist section of this Website or contact the National Office of The RPSC.

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Members of The RPSC can purchase a competitive "all risks" insurance package for their stamp collections. Insurance policies are available through Hugh Wood Canada Inc.

Please contact Natalie Stacey, Hugh Wood Canada at (416) 229-2239 [E-mail].

For coverage in Qu├ębec please contact Salvatore Russo at AMBRI Assurances Inc. (514) 374-6274

The Sales Circuit is a useful method of disposing of surplus material and acquiring other material for your collection.  For detailed information, please contact:

Sandra Foss
RPSC Sales Circuit
Box 2130
Sidney, BC V8L 3S6

Tel: (250) 655-1715
Fax: (250) 655-1715
E-mail: rpscsale@telus.net

The RPSC is actively reviewing the services that it offers to its members. The goal is to ensure that the highest quality of service is offered, as well as identifying ways to amend, change or increase the services being offered.

If you have ideas, concerns or complaints, please fill out our feedback form on our web site or mail the National Office.

This Committee exists to resolve matters between members and handles matters relating to member conduct. Please contact the National Office.

The Judging Accreditation program is responsible for the training of philatelic judges in Canada. It also coordinates all philatelic judges in Canada at the national and international levels.

If you are interested in training in philatelic judging or require judges for your show, please contact Dr. Joel Weiner or through the National Office.

Feedback forms (PDF):

French Feedback forms (PDF):

The RPSC hosts an annual convention to which all of its members are entitled to attend. The Convention Program ensures that the convention is moved between all of the provinces, where there are interested philatelic groups to oversee their organization.

For information on the dates and locations of upcoming Annual Conventions of The RPSC, please check out the Conventions section of this Website.

If your philatelic club is interested in hosting The Annual Convention of The RPSC, please contact Rodney Paige  or through the National Office.

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The RPSC Medals Program makes available prizes for local, regional and national level philatelic exhibitions.

The RPSC also awards the designation of a "Fellow" to long time philatelists in recognition of their dedication and efforts towards the development of philately in Canada.

Finally, The RPSC also offers the Geldert medal which is awarded annually to the best article printed that year in The Canadian Philatelist.

For more information on RPSC medals and awards, contact the National Office.

The National Office receives many requests regarding advice about Estate Planning.

> Click here for estate planning resources.

Further inquiries may be directed to the National Office at: 416-921-2077 or 1 888 -285-4143. or e-mail.

The Canada Post Liaison Committee offers two very important services to The RPSC and its members. First, it acts as an important point of contact between The RPSC Board of Directors and Canada Post Corporation. Second, it acts as a liaison between the members of The RPSC and CPC.

For more information or to access the services of the Canada Post Liaison Committee, please contact the National Office.

In order to ensure the continuation of the hobby, youth education and youth programs designed to increase knowledge, understanding and interest in philately are extremely important.

For more information on getting children started in philately or to help out with these important programs, please contact Yvan Latulippe at 181 Denison W. Apt 304, Granby, QC, J2G 9N1 or through the National Office.

The RPSC has many member chapters across the country. Membership in these stamp clubs adds to the enjoyment and continuation of the hobby. The National Office will be able to provide the names of the Chapters located close to your home.

For information on becoming a Chapter of The RPSC, organizations should contact George Pepall, FRPSC, 44 Bound Brook Court, Kitchener, ON N2A 3L3, or through the National Office.

> Click for a list of RPSC Chapters.

The RPSC and other interested parties have put together multi media programs on a variety of philatelic topics for the viewing enjoyment of Chapters and their members. [Formerly known as the 'slide program' service.]

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