RPSC Reference Canada Post 2023 Stamp Program

Canada Post 2023 Stamp Program
Updated: May 23/23
> First-class Postal Rates
Rates effective January 13, 2020: (no change in 2021, 2022 or 2023)
  • Domestic: 92c
  • USA: $1.30
  • International: $2.71
> Elizabethan-era postal rate listing. [Updated Jan 10, 2020]

> 2023 Canada Stamp Program
Issue dates are subject to change by Canada Post.

Self-adhesive issues are indicated by the SA logo, used by Canada Post.

  • Jan 22: Black History Month: Chloe Cooley
    • P (92c) (booklet pane of 6) SA

  • Mar 1: Flower: Ranunculus (2 designs)
    • P (92c) (booklet pane of 10) SA
    • P (92c) (coil roll of 50) SA
    • $1.84 souvenir sheet of 2

  • Apr 3: Eid
    • P (92c) (booklet pane of 6) SA

  • Apr 18: Animal Mothers and Babies (2 designs)
    • P (92c) (booklet pane of 6) SA
    • $1.84 souvenir sheet of 2

  • May 1: Canada Post Community Foundation
    • P (92c) + 10c (booklet pane of 10) SA

  • May 8: King Charles III
    • P (92c) (booklet pane of 10) SA

  • May 23: RCMP 150th Anniversary
    • P (92c) (booklet pane of 6) SA

  • Jun: Indigenous Leaders
  • Jun: An award-winning filmmaker
  • Jul: Let's take the ferry!
Re: catalogue numbers ... The RPSC no longer publishes the Scott numbers here. We do not get them in a timely manner as expected by some viewers of this site. The RPSC has no control over when the numbers are assigned by Scott Publishing or when they are announced by Scott Publishing. Please contact Scott Publishing directly for recent Scott numbers.

> 2023 Commemorative Envelopes
These are envelopes with a special cachet and cancel commemorating an event. They are not a new stamp issue but are an official Canada Post Product. These sell for $3 each (unless otherwise indicated).


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