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Geldert medal goes to Nino Chiovelli

George Pepall, President of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC), has announced that Nino Chiovelli of Edmonton, Alberta has been awarded the Geldert Medal for 2010. The Geldert Medal is given annually for the best article or series of articles in The Canadian Philatelist, journal of the society.

Chiovelli was chosen the Geldert winner for his article “Canadian Food Mail Program” which was published in the March-April 2010 issue. It was one of 20 eligible items. The jury chose Chiovelli’s article for its originality and the emphasis placed on a little known area of philately.

On hearing of his success, Nino Chiovelli said, “I was totally surprised and was completely unaware that the Geldert Medal existed.” When he was asked why he chose to write such a story, he said “I am a retired postal clerk and have been familiar with the program for many years.” He admitted articles “have been written about the program,” but this is an “important piece of information for air mail collectors and generalists” that may have been missed.

Unfortunately, Chiovelli does “not have any original CFMP material. He said his goal was “to inform the philatelic arena of the program” which the Geldert Medal Selection Committee considered he did with informed expertise.

Nino Chiovelli collected stamps when he was a youngster, but “then dropped out” until he started piloting hot air balloons in the 1970s and 1980s when people asked him to carry covers on various flights. “That started me on the highly specialized trail of collecting Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific, and around-the-world ‘carried-on-board flight covers.’” He has also helped the Aerophilatelic Society and some balloon clubs in producing covers.

On the importance of collectors sharing their hobby with others, he said “it is that research that supplies both the vocal and printed information that gives vibrancy to the hobby.” He added “sharing research is a magnet that will draw people to the hobby as it does open the door to adventure.”

George Pepall said “it is important to congratulate Geldert Medal winners because they are an inspiration to others and a wonderful example for the hobby.” He said “the 2010 winner has presented an little known area for the collectors, and it should motivate aerophilatelists especially.” He added “because Nino Chiovelli was prepared to share his expertise with collectors, it is an immense benefit to The Canadian Philatelist and other philatelic publications.” Pepall hopes to make arrangements to have the medal presented to Chiovelli at the ROYALE*2011*ROYAL IN Dorval, Quebec in May.

The Geldert Medal was established in 1967 by Phyllis Geldert in memory of her husband Dr. George M. “Mac” Geldert, FRPSC and RPSC president (1958-1967).

The Geldert Medal selection committee consists of RPSC members Michael O. Nowlan, Chair; Cimon Morin and Kevin O’Reilly.
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For more information contact:

Michael O. Nowlan 506-357-2698
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