Updated: Dec 19/07

Press Release
RPSC elected new executive at ROYAL 2007

At the 79th National Exhibition and convention of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) held in Toronto October 12-14, four members were re-elected to the board of Directors while two new members joined the group. Re-elected were Francois Brisse, Raymond Ireson, Ken Magee, and Dr. David Piercey. Newcomers to the board are W. John Sheffield and Dr. J.J. Danielski.

The new slate joins Rick Penko, Peter Kritz, Peter Butler, Ken Lewis, Richard Logan, Michael O. Nowlan, and George Pepall who were elected for two-year terms in 2006, and Robert M. McGuinness who was appointed in early 2007.

At the Board of Directors meeting following the Annual General Meeting, Rick Penko of Winnipeg was re-elected president while Richard Logan was elected Vice-President with Peter Kritz and Peter Butler remaining treasurer and secretary respectively. Charles J.G. Verge is past president of The RPSC.

Each member of the Board of Directors holds specific appointments to assist the executive with various tasks. George Pepall is Chapter and Affiliates Liaison, and Dr. David Piercey looks after the National and Regional Judging Program and is Co-ordinator of Reciprocity Agreements. Ken Magee chairs Royale/Royal Conventions and National, Regional and Local Shows while National & Regional Medals and Awards continues to be Raymond Ireson’s responsibility. Michael O. Nowlan handles public relations, and Peter Butler is the contact for insurance.

Other departments include Legal Advisor Theodor Kerzner, Slide Program Elizabeth Sodero, CSDA Liaison John Sheffield, and Sales Circuit Manager Sandra Foss.

Charles J.G.Verge is Historian, and Yvan Latulippe chairs Youth Education. Tony Shaman will continue as editor of The Canadian Philatelist, and Robin Harris will remain in charge of the RPSC Website. Robert M. McGuinness is in charge of RPSC National Exhibits Data. As well as serving as vice-president, Richard Logan will continue as chair of Development and Planned Giving and act as Canada Post Liaison.

Information on The RPSC can be had by e-mail at info@rpsc.org or by visiting the Society's website at www.rpsc.org, or by calling 416-979-8874, toll free 1-888-285-4143.

For more information contact:

Michael O. Nowlan 506-357-2698
Margaret Schulzke 1 888-285-4143

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