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At the 79th annual meeting of members of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) held in Toronto, Ontario October 13, 2007, Charles J.G. Verge, Secretary to The RPSC Fellows, announced six new candidates had been invited to sign the Roll of Fellows of The RPSC.

To qualify for Fellow status, candidates must meet at least one of the following criteria: they have actively worked for the betterment of The RPSC; they have promoted Canadian philately extensively through writing; and/or have, through a number of activities, made Canadian philately better at the international level.

The six new fellows are Christiane Faucher, Alan J. Hanks, Doug Lingard, George F. Pepall, Jacques Poitras, and Robert Thorne.

Christiane Faucher and Jacques Poitras represent a couple in life and in philately. Both are teachers who have researched Canadian postal history, particularly as it pertains to Quebec. They have published jointly or separately four studies and at least 50 articles since 1979. They have also made presentations at conferences and helped organize conventions, for example, ROYALE*1995*ROYAL and the upcoming convention in Quebec in May. Both are members of several national and provincial philatelic groups, and both have received gold and vermeil medals at major national and international exhibitions.

Alan Hanks has been very actively involved in philately over a long period. A member of the RPSC and a past president of the American Topical Association, he is the only Canadian to head the latter organization. As well as represent Canada on the ATA, he is a member of the Judges Accreditation Panel of The RPSC and he has served as Canada’s delegate to the F.I.P. Thematic Commission with distinction for many years. Hanks is also a prolific writer having contributed articles to several philatelic publications.

Doug Lingard has served Ottawa and Canadian philatelic interests with distinction for over 30 years. A perennial organizer at ORAPEX, a national level judge, an officer of BNAPS, an exhibitor, and a philatelic writer, Lingard has excelled in the tasks he undertook for the hobby. He turned one of his exhibits, Canadian Flag Cancels 1896-1919, into an authoritative and best-selling title on the subject. His writing and editing list is extensive.

The nomination for George Pepall as a Fellow of the RPSC states he is among the hardest working and most dedicated boosters of The Royal. Pepall is always ready to assist whether as a judge, to fill in empty frames at an exhibition, or take over a specific responsibility at a local, regional, or national show. He has held numerous club positions, is a director of The RPSC, an exhibitor, and a presenter. He is also an accomplished philatelic author having penned several columns for The Canadian Philatelist as well as other publications.

Bob Thorne’s contribution to Canadian philately has been extensive, especially in the area of behind-the-scenes-organizer at local, national and international exhibitions. He became a stamp enthusiast at CAPEX 78, worked at the Canada 82 youth exhibition in Toronto, and worked CAPEX 87. An active member of the Bramalea Stamp Club, Thorne has served either as president or annual show chair for 20 years. His key philatelic interests are the stamps of Trinidad.

Charles Verge said “the Fellows of the Society have made an important contribution to stamp collecting and philatelic knowledge throughout Canada.” The new group “are a credit to the hobby and will serve as wise counsel to the Society.” Rick Penko, President of The RPSC said “this year’s fellows bring great experience and broad interests to the group. They will be an asset with strong individual voices and a fine sense of working co-operatively.”

Information on The RPSC can be had by e-mail at info@rpsc.org or by visiting the Society's website at www.rpsc.org, or by calling 416-979-8874, toll free 1-888-285-4143.

For more information contact:

Michael O. Nowlan 506-357-2698
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