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Updated: Sep 11/20

Philatelic exhibits, entered by collectors interested in showcasing their material, are one of the mainstays at many Local and Regional stamp shows, and are a major part of our Canadian National exhibitions.

These columns, an ongoing series in The Canadian Philatelist, discuss how to prepare successful exhibits according to the rules and guidelines of contemporary philatelic exhibiting. Each column is dedicated to a different topic, and each outlines a few of the best practices within the topic. Tips and techniques are included, and illustrative exhibit pages from actual exhibits are often included for discussion. As well, how judging criteria are applied in the evaluation of exhibits is covered with each topic in order to help exhibitors understand how their material is evaluated within competitive exhibiting.

These columns are now included on the website to encourage even more collectors to get involved in philatelic exhibiting. If you are not already an exhibitor, why not give it a try!

Each link/column is the respective PDF file (Adobe Reader is required).

> An Introduction to a New Regular Column in TCP

> The Importance of Title Pages

> Preparing a Synopsis

> The Importance of Story

> The Importance of Your Plan

> The Importance of Research

> Single Frame Exhibiting and the Club One-Frame Challenge

> The Importance of Presentation

> I Think I Would Like to Exhibit, But I Don’t Know How to Start

> Exhibiting Thematics (Part 1)

> Exhibiting Thematics (Part 2): Demonstrating Philatelic Knowledge

> Exhibiting Picture Postcards

> The One-Frame Exhibit

> Exhibiting Modern Material

> Exhibiting Postal History

> The New Manual of Philatelic Judging and Exhibiting

> Display Exhibits: Part I

> Display Exhibits: Part II

> The Anatomy of the Exhibit Page

> New Category: Topical Exhibits

> Exhibiting Postal History: Postmark Studies

> Using White Space Effectively

> Using Large Pages in Your Exhibit

> Exhibiting Aerophilately

> The Importance of Importance

The following articles are bilingual:

> Developing our Exhibits: The Importance of the Exhibitor Feedback Form

> Exhibitor Responsibilities

> Display Exhibits: Considering Collateral Material

> Exhibit Development and Ongoing Evolution

> One-Frame Exhibits and the Importance of 'Fit"

> Demonstrating Personal Study and Research

> Rarity, Difficulty of Acquisition Modern Material

> Traditional Exhibits: From Good to Great

> Exhibiting Modern Material to Great Success

> Exhibiting Canadian Aerophilately

> Exhibit Freedom and Experimental Exhibits

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