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Owen Sound Stamp Club

Simplifying the Machins

by Robin Harris, FRPSC

2021, April 21 - 51:02 (529Mb)


Canada/British North America (BNA)-Union and Confederate Postal Cross Border Correspondence during the US Civil War

by Ron Majors Ph. D

2021, April 12 - 1:18:45 (300Mb)

This talk will discuss how postal communications between Canada and the Union and Confederacy were affected during the war. I will talk about how communications were before, during and after the war. Using illustrated and non-illustrated covers and letters, I will show the sentiment of the general public during this time as well typical and atypical means of correspondence that took place. In addition, over 50,000 Canadians fought in the war and communications by military personnel sent cross border and even within Canada/BNA helps to understand the more personal side of the War. Patriotism flourished during the Civil War and beautifully illustrated patriotic covers were an important symbol used to reflect support and many examples will be shown during this presentation.

    West Toronto Stamp Club

    Doar Ivri Issue of Israel

    by Ed Kroft, FRPSC

    2021, March 16 - 1:25:50 (168Mb)

    RPSCRPSC Stamp Talk

    Telling Stories with Postcards

    by Liz Hisey

    2021, March 8 - 53:35 (340Mb)

    Elizabeth has been involved with the hobby for over 20 years. Elizabeth was one of the founding members of the Women Exhibitors, she is the Immediate Past President, and current Treasurer.

    She is an APS Accredited Chief Judge. Currently she is Chairman of the Committee for Accreditation of Exhibitions and Judges, an APS Committee. Elizabeth is also a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London and sits on the Council of Philatelists at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington D.C.

    Her exhibiting covers Illustrated Mail, Display, Postcards and Postal History. She has judged in Australia, U.K. and Canada. She and her husband Bob (another well known philatelist) live in Sarasota FL.

      RPSCRPSC Stamp Talk

      ELDO: Forerunner to the European Space Agency

      by David Foot

      2021, February 8 - 54:30 (264Mb)

      David is a member of The RPSC and the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada. He served two three-year terms on Canada Post’s Stamp Advisory Committee.

      He was born in England, brought up in Australia and studied in the United States, obtaining a Doctorate in Economics from Harvard University. He moved to Canada accepting an appointment at the University of Toronto where he became Professor of Economics. He is now happily retired enjoying travel (when possible), tennis and, of course, philately.

      David's philatelic interests are focused around the British Pacific area and he has a topical collection on solar eclipses.

        West Toronto Stamp Club

        Canada's 1985-1989 50c Parliament Booklets

        by Ingo Nessel, FRPSC, FRPSL

        2021, January 17 - 42:55 (83Mb)

        RPSCRPSC Stamp Talk

        The Batman First Day Ceremony at New York Comic Con

        by Derwin Mak

        2021, January 11 - 50:25 (748Mb)

        Derwin Mak is a science fiction writer, comics fan, cosplayer, and philatelist. He collects stamps related to comics and science fiction and runs the Transcamster Bog local post.


          The RPSC 2020 AGM meeting

          by RPSC

          2020, December 9 - 1:13:40 (758Mb)

          Chaired by President Ed Kroft, FRPSC.

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