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A lawyer, he started practising in 1954 and became a partner of Fraser & Beatty in 1962 retiring in 1996. Harry edited several editions of Fraser and Stewart (both former Fraser & Beatty partners) on "Company Law in Canada", a definitive text on Canadian corporate law. He was most proud of having been appointed a Queen’s Counsel.

For more than 50 years, Harry played a large part in the management and direction of not only Canadian philately but that of the continent and the world. He joined The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) in 1954 and was elected Vice-President in 1966 and a year later he became President upon the death of Dr. Mac Geldert. He served until 1978, the longest serving President of The RPSC. After his term ended he took on the posts of Secretary and Legal Advisor and was still shouldering these responsibilities on his death. He was elected a Fellow of The RPSC in 1968 and was asked to sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 1991. The highest philatelic honour any of us can aspire to. The Royal Philatelic Society London gave him an Honorary Fellowship, a rare honour bestowed infrequently. He was also honoured with the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) medal and the Lichtenstein Award for his contributions to philately. He had served a term on the FIP board and was, at the time of his death, Treasurer to Federacion Inter-Americana de Filatelia.

Obituary from February 17, 2006, Globe and Mail

SUTHERLAND, Harry Q.C. R.D.P. In Toronto on February 14, 2006 in his 76th year following a brief illness. He is survived by his cousin John Sutherland of Halifax N.S. Harry will be greatly missed by his many friends. He attended Upper Canada College and Osgoode Hall Law School. He was a senior corporate partner in the law firm Fraser & Beatty until his retirement.

Harry was Canada's pre- eminent Philatelist. He signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists: he was Chairman of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation. He was the longest serving President and thereafter Secretary of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada and was an International Judge under F.I.P.

He was a longtime member of the Commanderie de Bordeaux. He was a member of The York Club, The Toronto Club, The National Club and Rosedale Golf Club.

Interment will be in New Glasgow N.S.

A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, March 7, 2006 at 2.00 p.m. in Calvin Presbyterian Church, 26 Delisle Ave. Toronto.

In lieu of flowers, a donation to:

 The Greene Foundation
 10 Summerhill Ave.
 Toronto, ON M4T 1A8

or a charity of your choice would be much appreciated.

Harry Sutherland, QC, RDP, Hon. FRPSL, FRPSC

Tributes received...


Michael Madesker, RDP
Past President, RPSC
Immediate Past President, FIP Commission for Youth Philately

Good bye, dear friend.

  David Beech
Head Philatelic Collections, British Library
Immediate Past President RPSL

This is indeed sad news. Harry was a good friend who made a major contribution to philately over many years. His contribution to philately in Canada was profound. The Royal marked his contribution with its highest honour, Honorary Fellowship.

I had known Harry for some years, but got to know him much better at Capex 96. He was always a complete gentleman, sometimes of firm opinion but he always had a sense of fun. I remember him at the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain when it was held in London in 2000. We were all at a reception associated with the RDP signing ceremony. This was to be followed by a buffet supper and Harry was seen wandering in the buffet area and we were wondering what he was doing until he reappeared with a big grin and a twinkle in his eye and said "I know where the smoked salmon is"!

Harry did so much for philately over so many years and his contribution is profound both in Canada and around the world. It was a privilege to have known him.

  Ralph E. Trimble
President, PSS
Director, Greene Foundation

It is my most regrettable duty to inform you that following his recent few months of illness, our dear friend and colleague, Harry Sutherland, passed away yesterday, Tuesday February 14, 2006. While precise details are not available, it is believed the great man¹s heart finally gave out on him. Philately in Canada has come to the end of an era.

There will be no funeral here, as Harry wished to be buried next to his
father, who is resting in Nova Scotia. There will be a Memorial Service, though, on Tuesday March 7, 2006. Further details are not yet finalized.

Our prayers are with you, Harry. You will be sorely missed, my friend.

Chris Pinnington
Managing Partner - Toronto
Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

I regret to advise that our former partner Harry Sutherland passed away yesterday in Toronto at the age of 75.

Harry joined Fraser & Beatty in 1954 and became a partner in 1962. He was a highly respected, and colourful, corporate partner until his retirement in 1996. In addition to being a mentor and teacher to many of our current lawyers, Harry edited several editions of Fraser and Stewart (both former Fraser & Beatty partners) on "Company Law in Canada", a definitive text on Canadian corporate law.

Those of us who had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Harry (and in most cases of having been "fired" by him!) will all have fond memories of his genuine warmth and concern for others and his loyalty to the firm, as well as his love of wine and stamps.

I will advise of funeral arrangements when details are available.

Cimon Morin
Conservateur des collections philatéliques
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

C'est avec beaucoup de tristesse et de surprise que j'ai appris le décès d'Harry. Je ne le croyais pas si mal en point, même si ces derniers mois ont été difficiles pour lui. Sa disparition soudaine semble aussi mettre fin à une époque de prestance et de consistance de la vieille garde.

J'ai connu Harry Sutherland lorsque ce dernier avait fait don de sa collection de livres sur la philatélie à la Bibliothèque nationale du Canada vers les années 1972. La collection avait été enregistrée comme provenant de la Société royale de philatélie du Canada (SRPC) et Colin H. Bayley d'Ottawa y avait organisé une grande exposition. Cela démontre bien l'esprit d'Harry pour bien faire paraître la SRPC même s'il devait y contribuer personnellement. Lorsque je me suis joins à l'équipe du Musée national des postes, Harry a continué à faire des donations de livres à la Bibliothèque du Musée et à contribué avec Michael Madesker à faire transférer les livres en compétition à Capex 1976, 1987 et 1996.

Harry a aussi contribué activement en versant ses archives à Bibliothèque et Archives Canada ou nous avons créé le Fonds Harry Sutherland dans les années '80 (voir détails à http://www.collectionscanada.ca/archivianet/02012302_e.html ) Ce fonds comprend plus de 5 mètres de documents et témoigne de l'implication d'Harry à la Société royale de philatélie du Canada, la Federación Interamericana de Filatelia et la Fédération Internationale de Philatélie au cours des 35 dernières années.

D'un point de vue plus personnel, Harry a toujours été d'une grande attention à mon égard et nos rencontres régulières à Toronto m'ont permis d'avoir accès à son cercle philatélique élargi. Il m'a fait connaître plusieurs bonnes cuvées de sa cave à vin et il a surtout été très attentif à ma préoccupation constante de conservation de notre patrimoine philatélique national. Harry était un gentlemen hors pair.

Rick Penko
Vice President
Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
Société royale de philatélie du Canada

It is indeed a sad day to hear of the passing of Mr. Sutherland. His enormous contribution to philately and many organizations and clubs are too numerous to list. His steady hand and guidance has been a touchstone to many and forever will be missed. I bid you a fond farewell.

Koh Seow Chuan
President, FIP

It is with great sadness to hear from you that Harry passed away.

He was a great philatelist and a wonderful gentleman. Our last meeting was on the occasion of World Stamp Championship in 2004.

Canada and the world has lost a wonderful philatelist and friend.

Peter P. McCann, PhD, FRPSL
Immediate Past President
American Philatelic Society & Vice President, FIP

Harry Sutherland was philatelic giant and one of the last of the old school collectors and judges.

He had a major impact on Canada, on all of the Americas, and on the whole world of philately.

He was one of my first mentors when I trained as an apprentice judge.

The hemispheric Americas were fortunate to see Harry at his very last philatelic undertaking - the excellent exhibition last October in the Dominican Republic. He was so pleased to be there among all his friends from the FIAF countries.

We will not forget him.

  Michael Millar, FRPSC
Former VP of The RPSC

I probably knew Harry for over forty years - not as long as many people - and I am deeply saddened by his departing from us.

While I had known him on a casual basis in the early days of our acquaintance, I got to know him a lot better when he invited me to "temporarily" take over the duties of Chapter Co-ordinator for the Royal when Major Dick Malott was sent to Saigon, Viet Nam with the International Control Commission in 1973.

I well remember the Board meetings in Harry's house at 155 Forest Hill Road and the lunches at the Granite Club. My "temporary" time - like Income Tax in World War One - turned into roughly twenty-five years on the Royal Board as an Officer and Director and Vice-President. I was always amazed at how he would appear to be dozing at Board meetings and yet he would come up with several pages of the most full and complete minutes of the meeting.

I remember dropping in at his house one Sunday during the time when he was seriously collecting Montenegro and found him with the late Mirko Rasic down on his knees in the middle of the living-room floor with his exhibit spread out being organised for a show somewhere. He told me then that this was the best way to line the pages up, you spread them out on the floor, sixteen pages at a time, stood up and then you could see how they looked. I found this exercise to be fascinating.

I value the time that I was able to spend with him over the years and am sorry that I shall no longer be able to enjoy both his company and his dry wit and wisdom.

  Giancarlo Morolli

Daniela and I regret the loss of a great friend, one of the first we met when I started international judging at Belgica 72.
Our most sincere condolences to his family and to the RPSC.

  Tay Peng Hian
Immediate Past President FIAP, Director FIP

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing away of Mr Sutherland.

He will be sadly missed by all as we bid farewell to a gentleman who had contributed immensely to philately and who had lived his life to the fullest.

With my deepest condolence on his passing away.

  Joseph Monteiro
Philatelic author and Geldert medal winner

Sad to hear that we have lost one of our great philatelists. I am sure he will be remembered not only for his contribution to philatelic literature but also for getting involved in organizing many philatelic events.

  Chris Harman
President, RPSL

Very sad news. It was a privilege to have known him. A great man and a great philatelist.

  Colin Fraser
Philatelic Consultant

I am sorry to hear this.

  Gini Horn
Director, APRL

Sad news indeed. He will be missed.

  Michael Nowlan
PR Officer RPSC

Thanks for the news even though it is not good. I did not know Harry like many of you did, but I certainly appreciated his knowledge and experience.

  Francisco Barone


La Federacion Uruguaya de Filatelia hace llegar sus condolencias por la perdida del estimado filatelista Harry Sutherland

Quienes estuvimos en Sto Domingo en Interexpo, pudimos apreciar como a pesar de sus años, estuvo siempre presente llevando con esmero su función.

Que descanse en paz

  Carlos Valenzuela
Federación Filatélica Colombiana

Compartimos con Ustedes los sentimientos de pesar por la defunción del Señor
Harry Sutherland.

Muy cordialmente.

  Lubomir Floch

I would like express in the name of Union of Slovak Philatelists
to Societe royale de philatelie du Canada deep sorrow connected with the death of Mr. Harry Sutherland.
We shall keep him in our memory.

  Col. Steve Luster
Vice President, Washington 2006 Organizing Committee

I am saddened to learn of Harry's passing. He was one of the truly great philatelists and an interesting character to boot.

I recall the first time I met him he was his usual gruff, forceful, intimidating self. I returned his style as good and perhaps better than he gave. From then on, we were good friends.

  Ann Triggle
Director RPSC

I was so sorry to hear from you about Harry Sutherland's death. He was always a favourite of mine.

Harry's sense of humour was definitely his own and he often used his caustic wit whenever the occasion warranted. But he was also a very kind man, even a little shy at times.

I shall miss Harry Sutherland as will all the philatelic world.

  Janet Klug, President
American Philatelic Society

I have only just heard about Harry Sutherland's death. I am so very sorry. Harry was quite a character, whom I had the great pleasure of knowing. I liked him very much. I know his passing is a great loss to Canadian and world philately.

  Moti Kremener
Secretary General

We were very sorry to hear that Harry Sutherland passed away.
Please convey our condolences to his family from all of Harry Sutherland friends, and he had many, in Israel.
On behalf of Israel Philatelic Federation.

  Patrick Pearson, RDP
Chairman RPSL, Expert Committee

I was very sorry to learn of Harry’s death although I knew he was very unwell.

I will arrange to write an obituary for The London Philatelist.

As such I think it would be inappropriate for me to write anything for The Canadian Philatelist other than to record my and my wife’s deepest regrets for the passing of a very old friend and fellow philatelist.

Kind regards and my compliments to the other Canadian Philatelists I know.

  Valeria Vaccari
Italian philatelic publisher

We wish to assure you of our sincerest condolence.

  Bill Bauer
Past President, APS

Thanks for the advisory. I am sad to learn of Harry's death. I considered him a good friend and enjoyed working with him at various shows. I was looking forward to seeing him in Washington this year. He will be missed.

  Fernando Aranaz

Today is a sad day for me and for all the philatelists.

  Dr. Eliseo Rubén Otero
President of the Mexican Philatelic Federation

He recibido con inmenso pesar la triste noticia del fallecimiento del extraordinario filatelista y amigo HARRY SUTHERLAND.

Recibe tu Sociedad y su familia, a través tuyo, mis mas sinceras condolencias.
Solo el recuerdo de haber compartido grandes momentos con un maestro y haber aprendido muchas cosas de el, me permite expresar el inmenso agradecimiento de haberlo conocido.

No será nada fácil para ustedes llenar el gran vació que su partida ha dejado no solo a la filatelia americana sino tambien en la mundial, ya que siempre ha sido un gran referente.

  Nasry Bendeck
President Honduras Philatelic Federation

De parte de la Federación Filatélica de Honduras, de mi familia y del mío propio le manifestamos nuestro más sincero pesar a su familia y filatelistas por la desaparición física del amigo Sr. HARRY SUTHERLAND, que Dios lo guarde en su seno.

  Osvaldo M. Giordano
Philatelic Author and Judge, Argentina

A través tuyo hago llegar mis condolencias por el fallecimiento del amigo Harry que se ganó el aprecio y el respeto de todos por su hombría de bien.

  Pedro meri
Philatelic Federation, Venezuela

Por favor comuniquele mi mas sentido pesame a la familia de sangre y a su familia filatelica.

Se nos fue el de los pantalones cortos de todas las exposiciones, paz a su cuerpo.

Y conversara de sellos en el cielo

  Roger Boisclair
Canadian Philatelist

C'est un GRANDE perte pour les philatélistes canadiens. Je l'ai rencontré seulement brièvement à qq. reprises. Il était toujours attentif même si je ne représentais rien de spécial pour lui. Il va manquer à plusieurs d'entre nous, notamment à la SRPC.

Merci beaucoup de m'en avoir informé.

Et merci encore BEAUCOUP pour ton IMMENSE travail, tant pour la philatélie que pour la SRPC.

  Dr. Andrew Cheung FRPSL
Vice President (HK), Hong Kong Study Circle

Harry was a member of the Hong Kong Study Circle in his own right until some years ago when he asked that his membership be transferred into the name of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation. His apologies were advised and recorded for his non-attendance at HKSC Toronto meetings held on 17.4.2005 and 12.6.2005.

A great philatelist and he will be missed by his friends and members of the Hong Kong Study Circle.

  Ignacio Martinello
President ASOFILCA
Caracas, Venezuela

The news of the sudden passing of our great friend Harry Sutherland caused us a deep sorrow.

We would like to express our condolences to his family and to all his friends.

May his soul rest in peace.

  Abraham Gelber
Miembro del Consejo Ejecutivo FIAF

La Asociacion Filatelica de Costa Rica, se une a la familia filatelica en el pesar por el desceso de nuestro colega Don Harry Suthrland hombres como el son los que engrandecieron la filatelia mundial y de nuestro continente.

Te envie el pesame de parte de la Asociacion Filatelica de Costa Rica, pero
el mio personal no paso, asi que te lo reenvio.

Harry Sutherland, fue y seguira siendo un modelo para la filatelia mundial y
en especial la americana, desde su posicion de tesorero en el board de la
FIAF siempre nos ilumino con sus atinados consejos y resumenes claros en las
situaciones que se necesitaron, personalmente resentire el no poder
conversar con el en el futuro.

Paz a sus restos y resignación a su familia.

  Klerman Wanderley Lopes
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Receba e transmita à familia os nossos sentimentos pela triste noticia sobre Harry Sutherland.
A filatelia mundial perde um grande e apaixonado mestre.
Que Deus o receba para o merecido descanso

  Fernando Rodriguez
Vice President
Sociedad Filatelica Dominicana

Please receive the condolences of the entire membership of the Dominican Republic Philatelic Society on this most heartfelt loss.

To all of us that met him, hoisted a beer and chatted on our passionate hobby during Interexpo 05 in Santo Domingo last October, it was a true pleasure. This was a true gentleman in all aspects of the term.

May he rest in peace and for all of us that believe in heaven, we hope he is now exchanging views with Rowland himself.

Our very best regards to his family.

  Dr. James Mazepa
Vice President FIAF

Your email was indeed a bearer of sad news. It was evident in Santo Domingo that Harry was slowing down, but he was his usual "irreverent gentleman self" and delighted to have any and all sit with him for a drink and conversation. While I am certain that his presence will be missed most of all in his home country of Canada, his passing is a loss to our entire philatelic community. I remember well his participation on the FIAF Board with his ability to cut to the issue and his impatience with excessive verbiage. He will long live in our memories for the positive work he did for philately, especially for our FIAF.

Please extend my personal condolences to his family, and to our many friends in Canada who will miss his smiling presence.

  Aldo Salvatteci
Asociacion Filatelica Peruana

We, the Asociacion Filatelica Peruana, have sorrow with the death of the well know philatelist Mr. Harry Sutherland . Please extend our condolences to his family.

  Asociacion Filatelica de Guatemala

Reciba nuestras más sinceras condolencias por el sensible fallecimiento del señor Harry Sutherland.

Agradecemos se sirva extender las mismas a su familia y a nuestros amigos de la filatelia Canadiense.

Descanse en paz Harry Sutherland.

  Ivan Libric,
President of the
Croatian Philatelic Federation

Croatian Philatelic Federation express our deepest condolence tribute to late Harry Sutherland who passed away.

  John M. Walsh
Collector, exhibitor and the author and editor of the
Newfoundland Specialized Catalogue

I was saddened to read that ‘Harry’, Mr. Harry Sutherland, has passed  away. I recall good moments in talks with him at the few shows that I got to attend.

He offered sage replies to numerous questions and his dry wit was extremely ‘dry’. At those times that I would meet him he had a friendly demeanour and always a smoke.

I recall one humorous time when he and I were trying to create a better description for an item I was showing. He recognized the scarcity of the item and also noticed some of the words I was using …‘discovery item’… He turned to me and said “I think original discovery item” would be better. So I replied “but isn’t that redundant?”

His reply “you can’t tell a judge too often how good your item is.”

He was very good and will be missed by all he touched. Please accept my condolences.

  Robert Odenweller, RDP
Editor, The Collectors Club Philatelist

Thank you for the picture--you anticipated my request. I'll be running the obituary in the May/June CCP since March/April is now on the press and will be in the mail next week.

As soon as I heard I mentioned it at the Collectors Club and we observed a moment of silence in his memory at the Club meeting last night. Harry was truly one of the great philatelists of our time. From my first work with him in the early 1970s I found that he represented a voice of superb perception and diplomacy. In spite of that, he didn't suffer fools readily.

His efforts in our early discussions about developing the rules for judging Traditional Philately exhibits led to the currently used regulations we now observe at the FIP level and worldwide. Indeed, one of the first meetings I conducted after becoming president of the traditional philately commission was at his house in 1978. His judging credentials were exceptional. As jury secretary in Tokyo 1981, I found that he could cover three full sections while operating "solo." This ultimately led to the concept of having other eyes balance the results of judging teams--a concept sometimes misunderstood but now widely used.

Harry was a "giant" of philately, in many senses of the term. His disappearance from our world creates a very large hole that will never be filled as ably as he did.

  Peter K. Oldfield CCM
General Manager
Rosedale Golf Club

I am sorry to hear about the passing of Mr. Sutherland. We at Rosedale were very fond of him. We appreciated his dry wit, his appreciation of the staff, food and surroundings and his keen palate. He was a gentleman of the old school and sadly there are fewer and fewer.

  Piti y Noemi Urbieta Peña

Cuando un amigo se va, deja un vacio dificil de llenar.......... asi dice
una canciòn, pero todos aquellos que hemos conocido a aquel un poco
taciturno, hasta a veces solitario, buscando su cigarrillo, siempre
atento y cariñoso, no nos va a salir de la retina de todos aquellos que hemos
tenido el honor de su amistad.

Llenos de un gran dolor, nos quedara su recuerdo para siempre.

  Bernie Beston
Lawyer and International Judge from Australia

Thank you for thinking of me.

I will miss Harry and am sad at his passing.

I first met him in Madrid in 1984 and at the FIP Congress he invited me to sit with him in the spare Canadian Seat.

He called me Counsellor - as a fellow Lawyer - and I loved his warmth, candour, dry humour and friendship.

He was great Ambassador for Canada; for Philately; and for the Legal Profession.

Canada has indeed lost a favourite son.

Regards and please convey my best wishes to his Family

  Pedro Vaz Pereira
President, FEPA

It is always sad when a man like Harry Sutherland leave us.
The Philately of Canada lost a great man, a great philatelist and a great juror.
The example of Harry Sutherland must be shown to the new generations and the philatelic world will be richer than before.

I present to Canadian Federation my condolence.

  JJ Danielski
Canadian International Judge will replace Harry Sutherland as Canadian Judge at WASHINGTON 2006

Good bye Harry, you will be missed.

  Clovis Babin

Merci Harry pour les bons conseils sur les Petites Reines.

Sois mon guide,car tu avais le sens de l,honneur et du respect.

Philatheliquement Clovis de Quebec.

Quepex 75

  Anthony Vivrilis
Philatelic Author and International Judge, Greece

It was with regret I was informed of Harry's death.
I have met him and enjoyed his humour.
Canadian philately will miss him.

  Colin Troup

My condolences to the family of Harry Sutherland.

As a collector and international exhibitor I fully realize the contribution to philately by this outstanding gentleman.

He will be missed by the collectors that knew him and by his many friends.

  Bill Morari
General Manager
National Club

I am saddened to hear of Mr. Sutherland's passing.

He was indeed a great member, who has always been active in the Club's affairs, especially our wine committee.
We will certainly miss him around the Club.

I will advise the membership of the National Club.

Thank you for letting me know.

  H. Ekkehard Herling
The York Club &
Cellar Master
Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers

We are very saddened to learn of this news. He was a well thought-of individual at The YORK Club and he will certainly be missed by both the members and staff.

Our thoughts are with his family and colleagues at this time.

  David Naiberg, MD
Grand Sénéchal
Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, Sous-Commanderie de Toronto

Cher Confreres:

It is with deep regret that I report the passing of our friend, colleague and fellow Tastevin Member, Harry Sutherland.

Harry was a longtime active and colourful member of our group, and he will be sadly missed by all.

  Abdulla M. T. Khoory
Emirates Philatelic Association

We are very sorry to hear about the sad demise of Mr. Harry Sutherland. I would like to extend heartfelt condolences on behalf of Emirates Philatelic Association and on my personal behalf.

Philatelic friends always remember his efforts for philately. We always
appreciated that he imparted valuable knowledge and guidance to other philatelic members.

May God the Almighty give the strength to face this tragedy to his family and friends.

  Fred Fawn
The Map Stamp Study Group
Our deepest regrets and condolences on the passing of Harry Sutherland, a long-time friend and an incomparable philatelist.

Harry will be sorely missed, but most fondly remembered.
  Robert K. Thorne
Immediate Past President Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada

How does a community react to a loss such as the passing of a man like Harry.

Harry touched everyone in philately in Canada and the World.
My fondest memory was sitting at the same table as Harry at the 50th anniversary dinner of the PSS.

I will miss him and so will philately.

  Paolo Comelli
Brazilian Philatelist and former member of the FIAF Board

Your email was a shock to me and fulfilled my soul with great deal of sadness. During the time I passed attending the FIAF meetings I learned to admire and love Harry. For sure, everybody loves Harry, who was known among your FIAF friends and colleagues as Mr. Canada. Being always an irreverent gentleman, everyone likes to sit with him for a drink and conversation. I am sure that his smiling presence will be missed most of all in his home country and his passing is a loss to our entire philatelic community. I always will remember his participation on the FIAF Board with his judicial opinions. He will be forever in our memories for the important work he did for our FIAF.

Please extend my personal condolences to his family, and to our many friends in Canada.

  Dila Eaton
Centro filatelico del Paraguay

The members of the Centro Filatelico del Paraguay express our condolences on this most heartfelt loss of Mr. Harry Sutherland.

I had the good fortune of meeting him during INTEREXPO 05 in Santo Domingo in October 2005. He was a very sweet and kind gentleman and I will miss not having the opportunity of seeing him again. He helped to make philately more meaningful and enjoyable for many.

May he rest in peace.

  Michael Millar, FRPSC
Former VP of The RPSC and spokesperson for the Barrie Stamp Club

The Barrie District Stamp Club, Chapter 73, wishes to express its profound sadness at the passing of Harry Sutherland. Our Club was established on the 1st of December 1960 and shortly after Harry became President of the RPSC, on the death of Mac Geldert, we invited him up to Barrie to speak to us. He came, in the company of Dr. Fred Stulberg, and gave us a very interesting talk on philatelic fundamentals. Since that time he would always ask how things were going with the Club. An interest that was very much appreciated. We shall miss him.


Peter MacDonald
Ottawa (a mere collector...)

My condolences to Mr. Sutherland's family and friends. I never met the man, but spent a hobby-changing 90 minutes on the phone with him once many years ago, when I finally bought my first significant Newfoundland stamp, and I thought it might benefit from a VG Greene Certificate. He talked me out of it.

Mr. Sutherland was very patient with this collecting novice, and gave me many excellent hints to enjoying this hobby even more. He encouraged me to exhibit - I have yet to do so - and to ignore those who didn't take a 25-yr-old "collector" seriously. I enjoyed his humour, confidence and sage advice. The memories of that brief encounter have informed my collecting ever since, and will remain with me.

  Lumír Brendl
President of the Union of Czech Philatelists
Director of the FIP

Harry Sutherland passed away. This unexpected, sad news reached the Union of Czech Philatelists a short while ago. Its Executive Board, along with FIP Honorary President, Mr. Laddy Dvořáček, express their sympathy to Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. Harry was well known in Czechoslovakia. He served as a distinguished member of the Jury of two world philatelic exhibitions held in Prague, Czechoslovakia - PRAGA 1978 and PRAGA 1988. We met him many times at FIP World Philatelic Exhibitions held in Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia. Harry, we'll miss you!

  Bill Pawluk
First Vice-President, BNAPS

Thanks for the update on Harry's passing. I have many memories of Harry at Stampex. The most memorable being teamed up with Harry during my last apprenticeship for national level judge status. I was pre warned about Harry's style, still he scared the hell out of me. In the end he indicated that I did well, and subsequently signed the required form. Wow! What an experience.

Harry was a wonderful ambassador of our great hobby, and will be missed by the many of us that knew him.

  John van der Ven

We have lost in Harry Sutherland a giant of a contributor to the many aspects in the field of Philately. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  David, Yung & Maureen Benson

Could you please send our condolences to Harry Sutherland's family and to all Canadian philatelists for the loss of one of their great philatelists.

  George Garlock
Communications Committee
Arts & Letters Club, Toronto, ON

The inimitable and Irreplaceable Harry Sutherland

For more than forty years I have known and enjoyed the formidable intellect and curmugeon-with-a-heart-of-gold personality, the generosity and, above all, the friendship of Harry Sutherland.

I first tested that friendship in the mid-sixties when I opportuned him to become a fellow board member of the Ontario Association for Children With Learning Disabilities....a fledgling organization which sorely needed his impressive capabilities. Not only did he join, he became its President and served its cause brilliantly for many years.

The second test came four years ago when I happened upon Harry at the bar of the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto. He was not a member, but an occasional luncheon guest with fellow retired law firm partners. What an opportunity, I thought, as I asked Harry's help in petitioning Canada Post to issue a stamp to commemorate the Club's centenary in 2008. He immediately agreed to write a letter of introduction to Charles Verge, his successor, expressing support.

The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto thanks him for that.

As a friend, I have much more to thank him for: splendid memories of rollicking parties, visits, travelogues, exhilaratingly deep conversations.

It all seems such a short time ago.

  John H. Talman
President of the Toronto Stamp Collectors' Club
Professional Philatelist

Harry was a great supporter of all things philatelic and kept up his membership in the TSCC to the end. He last spoke to the Club (one of the oldest in the world) back in the 1990's. Due to mutual friends and interests we managed to keep in touch. Bill Morari, General Manager of The National Club, would often speak of Harry when I talked to him. Everyone had a great respect for Harry and he will be deeply missed. Harry did many favours for many people, myself included, and I am very pleased to have known him. May he rest in peace.

  Bud Sellers
Former President, APS
Former VP, FIP

Thanks for the email advice on the loss of Harry Sutherland---a great personal friend, a great guy and collector and a real loss to worldwide philately. We will all miss him.

  Enrique O. Bomini
Presidente de la Federación
Argentina de Entidades filatélicas

Nos hemos enterado con gran dolor del fallecimiento de nuestro amigo Harry Sutherland el pasado 14 de Febrero.

Mucho lo apreciamos desde aquel mes de Noviembre de 1975 cuando la FIAF debía realizar la séptima asamblea en la ciudad de Buenos Aires. Ante el fallecimiento del presidente de dicha federación, Harry asumió la presidencia y nos informo que viajaría, aun cuando la situación en nuestro país era por demás delicada y condujo las deliberaciones de la mencionada asamblea.
Siempre hemos disfrutado de su especial sentido del humor cuando la filatelia, nuestra común afición nos convocaba en algún lugar del mundo.

En Octubre del 2005, en Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Republica Dominicana, con motivo de la XXXIX Asamblea de la FIAF fue nuestro ultimo encuentro. Quiera usted señor Verge presentar nuestras condolencias a la Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

Gracias Harry por tu honestidad y estamos seguros que el señor te recibió con una sonrisa.

  Michael Sefi
Keeper, Royal Philatelic Collection

Very sorry indeed to learn of Harry's death.

Although I didn't know him for very long (mainly when he came over here for Congress, of which he was a great supporter, and also when he came over for the RDP Board of Election meetings) as a fellow smoker in the small library at the Royal, we had something in common!

And of course I was delighted to come to Toronto for the Specialist Society dinner in 2004 at his behest.

Good company, and very knowledgeable on so much.

  Arman Arikan
International FIP Judge and Turkish Phil. Federation

I regret to hear this bad news of Mr. Harry Sutherland . I would like to relay my sorrow and condolence and share the grief of all of you.

Please accept my most sincere sympathy.

  Francis Kiddle, RDP
President, FIP Commission for Philatelic Literature
Past President, Royal Philatelic Society London

Many thanks for letting me know about the sudden passing of Harry Sutherland. From my personal point of view, I first met Harry at the Ameripex Jury in 1986. I got on so well with Harry that he invited me to join the Capex 1987 Jury. At that time I was a rank beginner within International Philately, and getting the thumbs up from such a distinguished philatelist as Harry Sutherland was a very important thing for me.

Under separate cover, I will send you a cheque for £20 in memory of Harry. As Harry was so keen on philatelic literature, I would appreciate if my donation is given to the Library Fund.

  Ad Indusophon, RDP
Friend of Harry Sutherland

It is a shock and with deepest sadness for me to learn about Harry. I am very fond of him, he was an old friend. Harry was there when my late husband and myself came into philately years back. Harry supported my work, I shall never forget that and shall always feel grateful to him. Who could have known it was to be the last time when I saw Harry in Bangkok during the last stamp show. He will surely be missed by us all.

If time allows I would make an effort to attend his memorial service in Canada. Unfortunately this is not possible as I am very committed with a number of things in Bangkok, especially before my trip to Europe and U.S. in early May.

  Peter Kritz
President, Saugeen Stamp Club
Hanover, Ontario, Canada

I only knew Harry for a short time having met him at the Montreal Royal. He was always willing to chat, be supportive and was there to share or cause a laugh. Thanks for spending time with a rookie Harry; it was nice to have met you.

  Aldo Samame y Samame

With great sadness I have received the notice that last February 14 our friend Harry Sutherland passed away.

I met Harry during Capex´96 International Exhibition, where both served as juries. Later we attended the FIAF Annual Meeting that we held in Toronto in 1996; on that Meeting Harry was appointed as Treasurer and, since then, FIAF have their accounts in Canada due to his inestimable work as FIAF Treasurer. Harry was elected Treasurer of FIAF Board on 1996, but on the 1970´s he also served as FIAF´s President.

Along the years we met together in many philatelic exhibitions and FIAF meetings; in all of them we enjoyed the extraordinary happiness of Harry. Last time we met was last October during the International Philatelic Exhibition Interexpo´05 held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; we assisted to that exhibition for our FIAF Annual Meeting as members of the Board.

Not only Canada looses with the departure of Harry, we all loose a friend and a gentleman who honoured his country and the RPSC.

On my name, and on the name of the Board members of the Federacion InterAmericana de Filatelia –FIAF- accept our deepest sorrow for this hopeless loose. May he rest on peace.

  Ing. Rodrigo Paez Teran
AFE - Director
Asuntos Internacionales

A nombre y en representación de la Asociación Filatélica Ecuatoriana -AFE- de Quito, Ecuador, en mi calidad de Director para Asuntos Internacionales, presento a la Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, por su digno intermedio, los sentimientos de pesar que agobian a la filatelia ecuatoriana, ante el sensible fallecimiento del apreciado colega coleccionista y destacado miembro activo de la Directiva de la FIAF su Tesorero pro tempore, doctor Harry M. Sutherland, deceso que representa una grave pérdida, no solamente para Canada, sino también para la filatelia continental americana.

Cordiales saludos.

  Luis Lopez y Lopez
Immediate Past president, FIAF

Desde aquí Caracas Venezuela y mi asociación se estoy enviando mis mas sentidos pésame por la muerte de nuestro compañero y amigo HARRY SUTHERLAND que fue mi mas y mejor compañero desde el año 1975 deseándole que Dios lo acoja en su seno y que en Paz descanse.

  Tom Leon
President, Leon's Furniture

Let me say, Harry Sutherland was a first class gentleman all the way. When we were in our beginnings of “Children with Learning Disabilities” in the 1960’s, Harry was very compassionate and helpful about the problems of Children with Learning Disabilities.

You may contact Phil Timmons who was one of our founders and knew Harry.

Unfortunately I will be out of the country during the memorial service, but please convey my deepest sympathy to all the family on the passing of a fine fine person in Mr. Sutherland.

  Hussain R. Al – Ismail
Vice President, Qatar Philatelic Club

Qatar Philatelic Club has been inform about bad news that Mr. Harry Sutherland had pass away late February 14, 2005. And Qatar Philatelic Club would like to extend and express hearty condolences to the family and friends at the sad demise of their love one.

May Almighty rest his soul in peace and give us the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

  Jos Wolff, RDP, president FSPL, vice-président FIP
Andrée Trommer-Schiltz, vice-président et trésorier FSPL

Nous avons été profondément attristés par la nouvelle du décès de Mr Harry Sutherland.

Au nom de la Fédération des Sociétés philatéliques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, et en notre nom personnel, nous présentons nos très sincères condoléances à sa famille et à la Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

Nous garderons de lui le souvenir d'un éminent philatéliste, qui fut pendant de longues années au service de la philatélie canadienne et internationale.

  Mr. Sayeed
Senior philatelist in Dubai, UAE

I was shocked to hear the passing away of Mr. Harry Sutherland on Feb 14th. Of late he was so much in my thoughts and I was hoping to see him as well at Washington. May his soul Rest in Peace.

He was a very kind friend and always displayed a very affectionate and caring disposition to all. He also greatly contributed to the global Philately and I am sure many will miss him in many many years to come.

Not knowing whom he leaves behind can I request you to convey the deep sympathy of my family and myself to his near and dear ones.

I am also sure that The Canadian Philatelist magazine will carry his life and the achievements to People and Philatelists.

  Major Richard K. Malott, CD, Retd., MSc, BA (Hist), FRPSL, FRPSC, AHF

After attending Harry's memorial Service in Toronto on Tuesday, 7 March 2006, I am now prepared to send in a humble tribute to the icon of Canadian Philately in our time.

I believe I first met Harry in the mid 1950's while stationed at RCAF Station Aylmer, Aylmer, Ontario. Myself and MWO Daws Perry (deceased) formed a Chapter of the RPSC and it thrived until the Station closed in 1961. I was commencing my Canadian air mail collection and research. Both Harry and the late Phyllis Geldert suggested that I commence exhibiting my material. My efforts to do so were cut short by a four year tour of duty in Europe (UK and Sardinia), and after my return a year in the USA. In 1966 I joined the RA Stamp Club and commenced my long journey of researching and exhibiting Canadian Pioneer and Semi-Official Air Mail.

Despite Harry's outward disdain for air mail (he believed it was postal history and that it should not be a separate entity), he supported my exhibits in the FIP juries that resulted in a sequence of small gold and then six large gold awards. Without his assistance in the jury deliberations I am sure that I would not have gone past small gold. His special interest in Canada's C6 airmail was well known among Canadian and international aerophilatelists.

Harry's expertise in judging and jury deliberations were well known to me after working with him on juries, nationally and internationally. I quickly learned to keep quiet and listen to the master. My services on RPSC committees with Harry in charge were also an experience, not only from his organizational abilities, but also the wonderful meal selections with wine, that he made on our behalf. I doubt if ever I will meet his equal in my remaining years in philately.

I wish to acknowledge my indebtedness to Harry for all that he has done for me and for Canadian and international philately. I feel privileged to have been able to attend Harry's Memorial Service and to learn more about our inspiring late friend. I salute his memory. May he rest in eternal peace.

  Charles G. Firby

So long good friend - It has always been my pleasure working with such a sincere and dedicated philatelist.

You will be missed!

  Grégoire Teyssier

Au revoir Harry et merci pour tout.

  Patrick Pearson
Chairman, Board of Election
RDP Election Meeting

The members of the Board of Election at their meeting on March 9th recorded their sorrow at the death of their colleague Harry Sutherland. Harry had served as a member of the Board of Election since 2001 and was both a valuable member and a delightful compatriot. The Board stood in his memory at the opening of the proceedings.

  Robin Farb
The Institute of Child Study, OISE/University of Toronto

We were very saddened to learn of the unexpected passing of Harry Sutherland. As you may know, I just enjoyed lunch here at the Institute of Child Study with Mr. Sutherland before the Holidays. Mr. Sutherland was our very first donor to the ICS Capital Campaign - which has almost topped $2 million. We have been grateful for his generosity and leadership. He was extremely kind to us.

Harry Sutherland attended the Institute in the 1930's and we plan to recognize his gift on a donor wall to be installed closer to meeting our goals and at the Campaign's end.

Please pass our condolences to his cousin John and family.


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