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Updated: Apr 19/17

The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) was founded in 1887. As Canada's national society, The RPSC is the world spokesmedia for all stamp collectors in Canada. Membership in the Society is open to anyone, a beginner or an advanced collector. The RPSC offers a number of services that will be of interest to you.

Membership Fees

See the membership fee schedule for the annual fees.

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His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston
C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
Governor General of Canada

Son Excellence le très honorable David Johnston
C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
Gouverneur général du Canada

President /
George Pepall, FRPSC pic
Kitchener, ON
Vice President /
Premier Vice-Président
Rodney Paige
Thorold, ON
Secretary /
Robert Pinet
Ottawa, ON
Treasurer /
David Oberholtzer, FRPSC pic
Waterloo, ON
Executive Manager /
Directeur Administratif
Robert Timberg pic
Toronto, ON
Past President /
Président sortant
Rick Penko, FRPSC
Danbury, CT


François Brisse, FRPSC, Beaconsfield, QC pic
Stuart Keeley, Thorold, ON
Ed Kroft, Vancouver, BC
Robert Lunn, Nasonworth, NB pic
Marilyn L. Melanson, Halifax, NS pic
James R. Taylor, Calgary, AB
Robert Timberg, Toronto, ON
Ernest Wlock, Saskatoon, SK

The Canadian Philatelist /
Le philatéliste canadien
Herb Colling
641 Charles St., Box 1377
Belle River, ON N0R 1A0

Associate Editor:
François Brisse, FRPSC E-mail

Editorial Committee
François Brisse, FRPSC E-mail
JJ Danielski, FRPSC E-mail
Richard Gratton, FRPSC
Gray Scrimgeour, FRPSC
Robert Timberg E-mail

Business Manager:
National Office/Bureau national

National Office/Bureau national

Chapter and Affiliates Liaison /
Liaison avec les clubs membres et affiliés
George F. Pepall, FRPSC
Kitchener, ON E-mail

Stuart Keeley
Thorold, ON

Convention Liaison - National, Regional & Local Shows /
Liaison pour les congrès - expositions nationales, régionales et locales
Rodney Paige
Thorold, ON

Stuart Keeley
Thorold, ON

CSDA Dealer Liaison /
Liaison avec l'ACNTP
Rodney Paige E-mail
Ethics Committee /
Comité des plaintes

David Oberholtzer, FRPSC E-mail
Stuart Keeley E-mail
Ed Kroft, QC E-mail
Robert Pinet E-mail

50-Year Club /
Le Club des 50 ans
Margaret Schulzke E-mail
Finance Committee /
Comité des finances
David Oberholtzer, FRPSC (Chair) E-mail

Peter Kritz E-mail
Garfield Portch, FRPSC E-mail
John Sheffield E-mail

Development & Planned Giving:
Robin Harris, FRPSC
Peter Kritz E-mail
David Oberholtzer, FRPSC

FQP Liaison /
Liaison avec la FQP
François Brisse, FRPSC
Geldert Medal /
Médaille Geldert
Ed Kroft, QC E-mail
Kevin O'Reilly, FRPSC E-mail
Charles J. G. Verge, FRPSC E-mail

Historian/Archives /
Charles J.G. Verge, FRPSC
Toronto, ON E-mail
International Liaison /
Liaison internationale
James R. Taylor (Chair)
Toronto, ON E-mail

Sam Chiu, FRPSC E-mail
JJ Danielski, FRPSC E-mail
Robert Pinet E-mail
Charles J.G. Verge, FRPSC  E-mail

Legal advisor /
conseiller juridique
Ed Kroft, QC E-mail
Membership Recruitment & New Collector Coordinator / Coordonnateur du recrutement et des nouveaux collectionneurs

Rodney Paige
Robert Pinet

Membership Reporting /
Gestion des adhésions

Garfield Portch, FRPSC E-mail
National Office/Bureau national

Multi-Media Programs / Programmes multimédias Marilyn Melanson
28 Birch Street
Halifax, NS
B3N 2V1 E-mail

Robert Lunn

Garfield Portch

National & Regional Judging Program /
Programme d'évaluation national
David Piercey, FRPSC (Chair)
Edmonton, AB E-mail
Ed Kroft, QC E-mail
Rodney Paige E-mail
Charles J.G. Verge, FRPSC E-mail
Stephen Reinhard (APS) ex-officio member

TBA (Atlantic)
François Brisse, FRPSC (Québec) E-mail
TBA (Ontario)
David Piercey, FRPSC (West) E-mail
Robert McGuinness (BC) E-mail

National Office /
Bureau national

Fax: 416-921-1282

Robert Timberg E-mail
Margaret Schulzke, FRPSC E-mail
Garfield Portch, FRPSC E-mail

APS Liaison
John McEntyre E-mail

Canada Post Liaison
Peter Butler, FRPSC E-mail

Insurance Plans
Garfield Portch, FRPSC E-mail

Medals & Awards

Press Releases

Public Relations
George F. Pepall, FRPSC E-mail
Garfield Portch, FRPSC E-mail
Robert Timberg E-mail
National Office/Bureau national

Services francophones
Robert Pinet

Nominating Committee /
Comité des nominations
Robert Lunn (C) E-mail
George Pepall, FRPSC E-mail
Robert Timberg E-mail
RPSC National Exhibits Database / Base de données des expositions nationales de la SRPC
Robert McGuiness E-mail
David Piercey, FRPSC
RPSC Website /
Site internet de la SRPC

Robin Harris, FRPSC
Seddons Corner, MB E-mail

Sales Circuit /
Carnets de timbres en approbation
Sandra Foss 
RPSC Sales Circuit 
Box 2130 
Sidney, BC V8L 3S6 

Tel: (250) 655-1715 
Fax: (250) 655-1715 
Services francophones / Francophone Services
Robert Pinet
T.A.P.E. Executive Director  / T.A.P.E. Directeur exécutif
Youth Commission /
Commission de la jeunesse
Yvan Latulippe  
Grandby, QC E-mail

Stuart Keeley  
Thorold, ON E-mail


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