The Admiral Stamps of Canada

About the Authors

The authors, Tony Brown and Mike Burn, became associated with each other following an innocent posting by Mike in the rec.collecting.stamps newsgroup asking if anyone was interested in sharing information about the Admiral stamps of Canada. Tony responded, and in the ensuing e-mail friendship the idea of providing information about the Admiral issue over the Internet was born. Besides the enjoyment of collaborating on a subject of mutual interest, the main purpose of the project is to stimulate discussion and to promote greater awareness of this area of philately.

When this website was created, Tony Brown, who lives in Canada, and Mike Burn, who lives in England, had not met in person. The project was been accomplished by each writing selected portions and scanning illustrative images of stamps from his collection, and sending them to each other by e-mail. While some of the material is original, both in content and method of presentation, a great deal of credit must be given to people who are mentioned in the References section, most notably George Marler, whose book, Canada: The Admiral Issue, 1911 -1925, is the source of most of the statistics and finer details used throughout this document.

Updated: 08 Aug 05